Amazing Orange and Silver Mixed Bead Necklace


This beautiful orange mixed bead necklace is so much fun!  Each and every bead is yummy, handmade glass beads, Swarovski crystals, silver beads in a range of shapes and sizes.  All mixed together with silver chain and links.

Some of the beads have splashes of lime, so much fun!!

The fish in a bowl bead in this necklace is my fave!  It is gorgeous!  On the front is an orange fish, on the back is lime seaweed 🙂   The big orange disc bead is fun!  I love the mix with the brushed silver beads and chain, and the sparkle of the brushed chain at the front.

Each piece is positioned in the necklace to create balance with the next and opposite beads.  Designed with finer silver chain for the back of the neck for comfort, and larger chain links for the centre front for nice drape. You can however wear it as you like.  Just pop it on and go!

Silver pieces, beads, links and chain are very good quality silver plated over brass.  As always, I never use any metals containing nickel or lead.

Total length is 97cm, sitting below the bust.  Looks great on a plain top, and stunning on a collared blouse. Very versatile.

I have lots of yummy earrings that would compliment this necklace, see the orange, silver or lime sections to see a range 🙂

Each and every one of my mixed necklaces is a one of a kind.

All my pieces come beautifully packaged, and if it is a gift I can send direct including a  card with your message.

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